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The Journey of Travel

Pre-wedding sessions are an excellent opportunity to showcase your relationship through artistic images that will last a lifetime.  

Intimate Weddings

September 18, 2022

Romantic Pre-wedding session adventure with Melanie & Luis Daniel

I still find it hard to believe that I get to travel to exotic locations to create intimate, raw, honest and authentic sessions and weddings for amazing couples! For this engagement session, we looked for a place that was intimately connected and was truly meaningful to Susana and Heiden. As most of their love story took […]

Intimate Weddings

August 13, 2022

Caribbean Engagement Session | Susana + Heiden

I want couples to remember the moments, the emotions, the connections that define them as couple. I want them to look deeper into their love, to take a deep breath and enjoy their story. Enjoy Christina and Robert story. This couple’s session took place in San Antonio, Texas, 2019. Home is where the heart isAnd […]


July 15, 2022

Home is where the heart is

romantic and intimate couple in bed

One exciting aspect of moving to a new place is that you get to explore it, meet new people, and experience new flavors. In our short time in Texas, I have come to know and appreciate so much about its history and people. Texans are proud of their heritage and identity. I am more of […]


July 4, 2022

A Texas Engagement Session | Halee + Colton

Couple walking riverwalk

Have you ever thought of documenting a date night out in town?  It was so much fun tag along with Kristina and Robert on their night out at Downtown San Antonio, Texas. I love to photograph at night. The mood that’s created is very unique. It is very elegant and romantic perfect for my cinematic […]


June 22, 2022

A Night to Remember: Date Night at Downtown San Antonio

Couple downtown san antonio

Puerto Rico… One second you can go from being submerged in a forest to basking in the afternoon tropical sun to enjoy the amazing Condado’s nightlife, perfect for a nice dinner and dancing the night away That is exactly what we did for Melissa and Abner engagement session. A couple that wanted to show in […]


March 22, 2022

Puerto Rico Stylish Engagement Session | Melissa + Abner

There’s no need for those winter blues, y’all: Summertime is finally here! And Texas’ summers are special. This retro couple’s session is a great example of what I love to do. I met Erin & Lynn at Rossella Coffee in Jones street, San Antonio and I found out that Lynn loves to restore old cars […]


October 3, 2021

The Texas Summer of Love | Erin + Lynn

boho session san antonio

As we drove to meet with Merial and Braden for their couple’s session in the town Adkins, Texas, my wife and I enjoyed seeing a new face of Texas. We moved to Texas just two years ago and we have been trying to experience as much of Texas as we can and while Adkins is […]


September 25, 2021

Is Texas Love | Merial + Braden

guy kissing girl shoulder

A Deeper Story I love simple at-home photo sessions that show couples in their own environments, doing what they would do over an ordinary weekend.  I have been photographing couples for over 15 years now and I am always on the lookout for new ways to create a more personal and intimate experience and photographs […]


August 22, 2021

Starr + Ryan | At Home San Antonio Romantic Couples Session

We are so excited to announce our first Italian Spring Tour. I will be traveling to Italy March 27 and will be making stops in some of the most romantic cities in Europe: Venice, Florence and the Eternal City, Rome, to do exclusive photo sessions for our couples. If you are interested in being part of this […]


March 15, 2017

Italy Spring Tour 2017 Starts Now

Italy photo tour roamce


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