My name is David Medina. I am a journalist, traveler, documentary filmmaker, photographer, and film editor with insatiable and genuine curiosity. He graduated from the World Journalist Institute and the University of Puerto Rico. Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, he and his wife reside in San Antonio, Texas.

Travel & Documentary Filmmaker, Photographer, & journalist

DAVID MEDINA  // A Passion for Travel


Join David Medina on this incredible journey as he explores, connects, and inspires, one destination at a time, through his multi-faceted storytelling.

  • Immersive Experience: David doesn't merely visit places; he immerses himself in local customs, traditions, and ways of life. His films and photographs showcase a deep respect for the communities he engages with, offering viewers an authentic and immersive experience.

  • Empathy and Open-mindedness: With an open heart and mind, David aims to understand and convey the perspectives of the people he meets. His storytelling, whether through film, photography, or journalism, is imbued with empathy and respect, honoring each individual's inherent dignity.

  • Fearless Adventure: David ventures fearlessly into lesser-known or challenging locations, unearthing hidden gems and authentic experiences that most travelers miss. His daring spirit is captured vividly in his documentary films and photo essays.

  • Culinary Respect: David's journey isn't complete without celebrating the everyday flavors that define a culture. From street food vendors to local eateries, he gathers around the table to experience the culinary identity of each destination, often capturing these moments in his visual storytelling.

  • Unfiltered Authenticity: David showcases the authentic, unfiltered sides of the places he visits, steering clear of tourist traps and clichés. His work serves as a raw, unvarnished window into the cultures he explores.

  • Social and Cultural Commentary: Beyond the surface, David engages in meaningful conversations about broader social, political, and cultural issues, provoking thought and discussion among his audience. His journalistic acumen adds depth to these explorations.

  • Everyday Experiences: David focuses on the everyday—highlighting local eateries, street food vendors, and home-cooked meals through his films and photo essays. He believes great food and memorable experiences are found in the most authentic places.

  • Human Connection: At the core of David's brand is a genuine interest in people's stories and a desire to connect on a human level. He treats each individual he meets with the utmost respect, often spotlighting their stories in his journalistic endeavors.

  • Upbeat and Uplifting: David's content aims to inspire, focusing on stories of positive change, second chances, redemption, and delivering a message that uplifts the spirit. 

  • Commitment to Sustainability and Community Betterment: I seek collaborations with purpose-driven brands committed to sustainability and community betterment.

David Medina is more than just a traveler; he's a cultural explorer, documentary and travel filmmaker, photographer, and journalist with an insatiable and genuine curiosity about the world. Based in San Antonio, Texas, and originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, David combines his diverse skills and educational background in political science and journalism to craft compelling travel documentary films, photo essays, and probing interviews.



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GoPro 9

24-70 mm f4 Sony/Zeiss


Sony A7III


Gimbal: DJI RSC2

24 mm f1.4 Sony G Master

35 mm f1.8 Sony

50 mm f1.4 Sony/Zeiss

85 mm f1.8 Batis Zeiss

105 mm f2.8 Macro Sigma

70-200 mm f4 Sony G

18 mm f2.8 Batis Zeiss


Drone: Mavic Air

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