How to have an Epic Pre-Wedding Session


My Approach for a Romantic & Authentic Pre-Wedding Sessions


How do I Create our Romantic & Authentic Pre-Wedding Sessions?

Filled with beautiful colors, patterns, and textures, Old San Juan is the perfect place for a Romantic Pre-wedding session. And that is what Kristen and Casey set out to have during their recent romantic escapade to our island paradise, Puerto Rico.


My Approach is Unique

My approach to engagement session is different from most photographers. You can say it’s unique. I call it my cinematic pre-wedding approach. My focus on your overall experience as an essential foundation for a rockin’ session. By making sure you have the best experience I make sure you will be relaxed and have fun with the person you love the most. If you are enjoying each other your images will be epic!

Instead of trying to conform my couples into some cheesy poses, we want it to be relaxed, fun and have the couple’s personality and relationship to shine on each image we create. I want the photograph I create for you to be meaningful.


couple kissing Old san juan


So, How this experience works?

The first thing we choose and plan is the concept and theme of the session. What do we want to say, experience, feel and remember? This choice drives every other decision we make. This will define what makeup, hair, and outfits, props, as well as the locations. It also helps define what style of photography, lighting, and looks I will use.

Location for your pre-wedding session is usually chosen at the same time we work on the concept as they are interrelated. The right choice for location is based on your overall concept and theme. And here, the world is our playground!  It can be Old San Juan, a hacienda, a forest or an amazing beach, or it can be at exotic places like Venice, Rome or Paris, or your home town. In short, anywhere there is a significant emotional connection between you and the place.

I frequently travel to Italy and have several trips scheduled for places like Paris, Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Prague, Lisbon, and Spain so let me know if you are interested in a pre-wedding session while I am there. You can see A Venice Pre-Wedding Session here.



Between our initial planning session and the day of the session, I work on the mood board and storyline for your pre-wedding session. This is an important process by which I refine the story and design the frame for the session.  This helps make sure that the images we create are more meaningful to you.

Everything will start to come together during the last few weeks before the session. We will work on styling, outfits, and props, We will go over the storyboard and final details.

For Kristen and Casey, was chosen because Old San Juan was the perfect romantic city. It was their romantic hideaway where they came to celebrate their relationship. So here are some of our favorite images we created from Kristen and Casey pre-wedding session at Old San Juan.


Old san juan cathedral romantic couple old san juan couple having fun old san juan puerto-rico-engagement-session-005 puerto-rico-engagement-session-006 puerto-rico-engagement-session-007 puerto-rico-engagement-session-008 puerto-rico-engagement-session-009 puerto-rico-engagement-session-010 puerto-rico-engagement-session-011 puerto-rico-engagement-session-012 puerto-rico-engagement-session-013 puerto-rico-engagement-session-014


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