A deep pride & love for family, heritage, and country is what define Texans.




Halee & Colton

While we were scouting where to start our Pre-wedding session for Halee & Colton we wanted something that spoke of how proud they were of their Texas heritage. That is what attracted us to Helotes and San Antonio for their shoot. Such it happened that San Antonio is at the heart of the rich Texas history. 

Our first stop was the town of Helotes, Texas. Located on the far northwest side of San Antonio, Helotes is a picturesque small town where we found a quaint Coffee house called The Cracked Mug. 

While scouting for Halee and Colton engagement session we heard about Old Helotes so we decided to start their engagement session there. We enjoyed visiting the many antique shops and the highlight of the day was the Cracked Mug Coffee House, a cozy and intimate coffee shop. Great service, delicious coffee, and a warm ambiance. A must place to visit and enjoy a nice cup of java or their amazing lemonades.

One exciting aspect of moving to a new place is that you get to explore it, meet new people, and experience new flavors.

In our short time in Texas, I have come to know and appreciate so much about its history and people. Texans are proud of their heritage and identity.

I am more of an urban guy that loves places that have a rich history behind them that have a sense of community. That is why places like the Historic Pearl, Southtown, King Williams, and downtown have become some of my favorite hangouts. They have so much character and personality.


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