Engagement Photography



Jul 11

Up high in the mountains of Cayey, among the clouds, there is a magical forest where people go to enjoy and be submerged in the beauty of God’s creation. If I had to use just one word to describe “El Bosque de Los Pinos” it would be epic, other-worldly, romantic. Ok. That is more than […]

Jun 26

Venice is such a beautiful and unique place. A city that was built upon the appreciation of great art. Great people and food. While doing “Venezia Nostra: a Romantic journey in Venice” local filmmaker, Samuele Penocchio, did a behind the scene video for me.  Enjoy!   Behind the Scene of “Venezia Nostra” from Hidden Kiss Studio […]

Jun 22

Among the most romantic cities in the World in where to do a Pre-wedding session is Venice, Italy. Frozen in time, Venice is filled with textures, colors, and character. No matter where you go you are sure to find the right spot for romance. I have visited Venice several times throughout the years in order […]

Jun 12

I must confess that I love doing Pre-Wedding sessions. It is an opportunity to get to know the behind the scene story of our amazing couples. It is also an excellent opportunity to get epic images that showcase our couple’s personalities and love.   Le Voyage de L’amour from Hidden Kiss Studio on Vimeo.   […]

Jun 6

EXPERIENCE  THE EXTRAORDINARY   Forever My Love from Hidden Kiss Studio on Vimeo.   Because of every Love Story is unique, every pre-wedding session must be equally special. At Hidden Kiss Studio we want even the ordinary engagement session to become extraordinary. So, how do we do it? The key is getting to know each […]

May 29

There are some places we visit that touch our lives in such a way that changes us forever. For me, that place was Venice. We visited Venice for the first time in the fall of 2014. It was a trip that would change my life and photography forever. I admit it, I fell in love […]

Mar 15

We are so excited to announce our first Italian Spring Tour. I will be traveling to Italy March 27 and will be making stops in some of the most romantic cities in Europe: Venice, Florence and the Eternal City, Rome, to do exclusive photo sessions for our couples. If you are interested in being part of this […]

Sep 9

What a special pre-wedding session! Audrey approached me for her wedding photography while we were doing some photo session in Venice and Florence, Italy. Right away I knew it was going to be a special event. We started to brainstorm ideas for her pre-wedding session. It so happens that Jesus loves Gloria Estefan’s music and […]

Aug 24

Every couple has something that defines them. For Etta & Keith has to be adventure. While some couples may go to watch romantic movies, they prefer epic adventures. We asked them if someone would make a movie about their love story, what would it be? Romantic comedy? Drama? Adventure? Their response was: “God, I hope […]

Jul 2

After many months of secret planning by Sunny he was able to pop the question in incredible and proposal and Pre-wedding session in Puerto Rico. Ameet thought she was in Puerto Rico with her best girlfriends to have a girls-only weekend. Little did she know that Sunny had been conspiring with Ameet’s girlfriend, her parents, his […]