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Why is CoSchedule is my choice for Social marketing scheduling

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The power of social marketing to reach prospect clients cannot be ignored. So a well planned and executed Social media marketing campaign can be the difference between marketing success and failure for a studio.

For the last few months, I have been trying several Social marketing Management and scheduling systems. I have tried Social Sprout, Hootsuite, Buffer, Iconosquare, and CoSchedule. After all my test I have settle using Iconosquare for Instagram, Buffer to share stuff I find while surfing the web and for Google+ and CoSchedule to run my Social Marketing Campaigns. I eliminated Hootsuite because it is too complicated and ScoailSprout because it is too expensive.

But the main reason I chose CoSchedule is because it offers some very unique features that no other system offer and, as a solo operator, it saves me time by streamlining the entire social media process.

What is CoSchedule? It’s a WordPress editorial calendar that allows you to schedule your posts, social media, team tasks, all from inside WordPress or on their web app. But the way CoSchedule does it is what separate it from all other social scheduling apps out there. It’s designed to run your entire Social Marketing Campaign, from conception to planning to collaboration to executing. It is an essential tool for bloggers.

While other Social Media scheduling calendars apps focus just on social media posting, CoSchedule is more comprehensive by allowing to create content, social and WordPress campaigns as well as individual social media postings.  It is an all-in-one editorial calendar to help you plan, publish, promote and automate your entire marketing campaign.



One important thing bloggers need to do is to promote their post on social media. With other scheduling apps, you copy the blog post link and then schedule the post. But with CoSchedule you go beyond sharing the blog post in social media but allows you to create an entire social media campaign for that blog spot.



Another feature that I  love about CoSchedule is how flexible and powerful is to create social media posts. It allows you to create very custom and effective social media posts for links, images or video. It also takes care of scheduling your social media posts for best times. While it does schedule Instagram posts you will need CoSchedule iPhone app to actually transfer the post content to Instagram.


As we prepare our marketing for 2017 we will be focusing more on social media.  CoSchedule will be the tool that will allow us to take everything we share on our blogs and expand our presence throughout the different social media outlets getting our message for unique storytelling wedding and portrait photography as well as our travels to a greater audience. We believe we can make a difference in people’s lives through our work but in order to do so it needs to get to our audience.

We will also use CoSchedule “Content” and “Social Marketing” tools to create a comprehensive social presence as well as plan and coordinate all of our printed and email marketing.



Another great feature is how easily you can move social media posts in the scheduler. It also has this little nice area that you can put all your unscheduled content and social campaigns as well as content ideas for blog post or printed marketing campaigns. You can even drag from the calendar into the Holding area and vice versa.



What is neat that you can start working on an idea for a blog post or social campaign and create tasks and schedule them for yourself and your entire social marketing team.

It further analyzes what your top content is and makes really easy to continue to promote that content.



CoSchedule is also very affordable, a great value, especially when considering how powerful it is and how much time it will save you. I highly recommend you check it out here.  They have a free trial and it’s attractively priced with plans starting at $15 a month. They also have a lot of great resources and support to help you along of getting the most of CoSchedule. We certainly glad we found it and look forward to learning new ways to maximize our social media presence.


David & Marelly are international wedding photographers based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They travel the world to capture the essence and romance of the couples they work with in their pre-weddings and weddings. Call our studio at 787-925-1110 or 787-359-3689 for more information and to book a session.

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