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My couples want more than a traditional or “trendy” photography. They know that their stories are worth telling and preserving in an honest and genuine way with photographs that will become precious reminders of their love, relationships, and family. They want work that is timeless. 


To be a photographer is not something you do but something that you are. It comes from the heart and soul.

Hi friends! I'm David, a husband, father, traveler, a digital artist, photographer, and educator living my dream getting to do what I love and am most passionate about.

I love to travel the world for adventurous and romantic couples who are crazy in love and passionate about life, marriage, relationships, and family to capture their weddings and do pre-wedding sessions.

I am known for honest, authentic, elegant, romantic and cinematic wedding and travel photography that is timeless.

My award winning images have been featured over the years in many prestigious newspapers, photography publications, and wedding magazines & blogs, such as Grace Ormond's Wedding Style, Destination I do, The Knot, Grey Likes Weddings, Rangefinder and Australian's Capture magazine, among others. 

living MY dream getting to do what I love, creating to inspire

about the artist - david

David Medina is an international travel and wedding photographers based in San antonio, texas,  and capture beautiful, ELEGANT, romantic, & AUTHENTIC  weddings & Pre-Wedding sessions across the world.


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